Tips for managing Hayfever

Find out more about the causes of Hayfever and how to reduce its symptoms

  • What is Hayfever?

Hayfever is the allergic reaction to pollen grains from grasses, trees, and weeds. Pollen grains carry proteins that react with our immune system, when breathed in. For some people this means the production of histamine, which causes allergy symptoms – swelling, redness, itchiness, and mucous secretion.

  • Know what affects you

Know what to avoid by learning to recognise the types of plants and conditions that trigger your Hayfever symptoms. Consider keeping a diary to record your symptoms, and when and where they occur.

  • What to do

Try and avoid being outdoors between 10am–4pm, when pollen is at its worst. If you do go out, protect yourself by wearing a hat, gloves, glasses, paper mask, and long-sleeves.

Stay indoors as much as possible, on dry, windy days when the pollen count is high. Try and keep your windows closed too.

Take a shower after being outdoors to wash off any residue pollen.

Consider converting your grass lawn to a pollen-free environment, landscaped with features such as rocks, sand and water.

Organise to have someone else trim your hedges and mow your lawns.

  • When is Hayfever in season?

Hayfever is a seasonal allergy that occurs most often from early spring to autumn, when wind-pollenated plants release pollen grains as part of their reproductive process.

Download pollen calendar
  • What to watch out for

Keep a look out for these problem plants; pines, oaks, wattles, birches, grasses, plantains, olives and privets. Flowers such as daisies, marigolds and chrysanthemums can also trigger Hayfever.

Know what’s in the air

Be prepared with this handy pollen calendar from Allergy NZ and know what pollen is floating about at any time during the year.

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Get effective relief

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